Worst CV Mistakes that will cost you.

In this article, we are going to reveal to you some of the mistakes you include in your CV that always cost your opportunities to get a call-up or even get invited for interviews. Those of us we little or no experience at all have experienced rough times seeking for jobs. What we don’t know is that the CV is usually the first thing to getting employed. You can have the best qualifications but fail to get a job because your CV is terrible.

First of all, let us define what a CV is. A Curriculum Vitae can be described as an all-inclusive tool that is designed specifically to showcase your life achievements in the fields of academics, extra-curricular activities, researches, and professional accomplishments. This kind of document is almost like a resume but it differs from a resume in the point that CV is mostly used in applying for positions that are specific and requires field-specific knowledge and proficiency.

Highlighted below are some of the mistake you ought to completely AVOID while writing your CV. Take a look.

Lack of relevant information

Many of us sometimes make wrong assumptions about what is important for the employer and tend to provide wrong and irrelevant information in our CV. This is very annoying for the employer to go through a CV full of unwanted information and this creates a negative impression on you. A tricky avoidance of such information should be attempted.

Insufficient evidence

Something that you are not and mentioning that in your CV creates a degrading impression as a whole. Not only saying that you have great communication skills but an exhibition of that in your CV is also must to amaze the reader.


Your CV should be impeccably presented in order to be at least read once. Many CVs get rejected just due to endless errors in them. So, write crisp and error free CV that would exhibit professionalism at work.

Too generic

Many of the prospective job seekers write too many things in their CV trying to keep several options open for them. But unless and until your employer is not clear about what you do exactly then how they would understand what they could do with you?

Poor Language

The use of unnecessary jargons, clumsy languages and expressions and clichés can sabotage the chances of getting a job for most eligible candidates. CVs should not contain “I” rather you may use positive action words which are more powerful.

Negative information

It is a thumb rule of CV writing that it should always contain positive things only and no negative comments at all. You should never criticize about your previous employer in your CV. You should also note not to refer to disappointments and difficulties in your CV.

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