MCA Salaries in Kenya 2019.

They have been known as the most chaotic and controversial bunch of politicians we have ever had. They are in charge of managing and running wards and they are elected by registered voters. They serve for a period of 5 years a term after which they can either be reelected or voted out. The maximum number of years one can be an MCA is 15 years.

MCAs in Kenya earn a very good salary. They, in fact, earn better than most lawyers and doctors. As of July 2019, an MCA basic salary stands at 250,000 minus allowances. After all allowances are included, they earn not less than 400,000 each.

There is however a criterion in salary allocation to MCAs that most Kenyans are not aware of. The 250,000 is just an amount on paper. A secret probe into this matter revealed that MCAs make more than 800000 in a good month. This is as a result of numerous seating allowances, travel allowances among other add ons. In a county like Nairobi which has a very high revenue generation, MCAs earn not less than 1Million a month.

The funny thing is that MCAs work very little given the fact their territories are way too small. This is actually a shocking revelation, who could have thought MCAs earn more than a neurosurgeon.

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